Training Balls (3-Pack)

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Product Overview

Are you or your players:

  • Chasing too many balls during practices because they bounce or roll away?
  • Frustrated by balls rolling on a gym floor as you try scooping the ball?
  • Tired of balls rebounding off pipes or bleachers in the gym?
  • Afraid of getting hurt if hit by a hard rubber lacrosse ball?
  • Looking for the perfect indoor ball?

If you had a soft lacrosse training ball that was the same weight and size as a regular lacrosse ball but didn’t bounce or roll away, then you’d be all set for productive practices. The SWAX LAX lacrosse training ball is your solution.

The Swax Lax ball:

  • helps new players develop their skills with more confidence
  • make lacrosse more approachable for beginners
  • doesn’t bounce or roll away, making for a more productive practice environment
  • is gentle on hardwood gym floors, making it perfect for indoor play
  • is softer than a hard rubber lacrosse ball; creating less fear of getting hurt if hit
  • is highly durable and shock absorbent

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review