Is my lacrosse stick legal?

Posted by Stephen Koda on Jul 21st 2019

We're going to keep this short but if you want more information you can check out the website cited at the bottom of this post.In high school a stick check is usually performed twice per game. And, as … read more

Different Positions in Lacrosse

Posted by Stephen Koda on Jun 29th 2017

What are the different positions in lacrosse and what does each position do?Positions in Men's Lacrosse include:Every position in lacrosse is allowed to try and score!Offense (aka Attack):There are 3 … read more

What equipment does my child need to play lacrosse?

Posted by Stephen Koda on Jan 23rd 2017

Parents this is for you!Before your child can run on the lacrosse field your need to ensure they have the right equipment to be safe. Today I will be talking about the equipment your child needs to ge … read more